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Travel Permit

A Travel Permit is issued to a Bangladeshi citizen who does not possess a valid Bangladeshi Passport but intends to return to Bangladesh.

Requirements for Travel Permit:

  • a) Duly filled in the Travel Permit application form (please click here to find the form).

  • b) Copy of the previous passport.

  • c) Digital Birth Certificate.

  • d) Three passport-size photographs.

  • e) Physical presence of the applicant at the High Commission for an interview.

3. Fee (non-refundable): £25.00. Please pay by Debit/Credit card at the counter. No Cheque or cash is acceptable.

4. Receiving of application: The application is received at the counter between 11:00 am -1:00 pm (Monday-Friday) and between 11:00 am -12:30 pm (Friday).

5. Processing Time: At least 2-3 working days.

6. Delivery time: Between 2:30-4:00 pm (Monday –Friday).

Note: A Travel Permit is valid for 3 months only.

*Additional documents may be required. Mission reserves the right to seek supplements as and when required.


*Both original and one copy of the application along with all supporting documents are to be submitted. After verification, originals will be returned and copies shall be kept in the mission for future record.

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