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To visit Assistant High Commission, Birmingham for any services please book an appointment by clicking the following link:

An incomplete application could delay the processing time. Please submit the complete application.


Requirements for the submission of Sponsorship Application:


The applicant's presence is necessary.


I.   Document(s):

  1. A complete filled application form. Click here for the form.

  2. Valid Bangladeshi Passport of the sponsor with Passport Photocopy ( all of the information pages) or Valid UK Passport with No-Visa Sticker/Stamp along with a photocopy. The validity of a UK passport has to be a minimum of six months.

  3. 2 (two) recent Passport size photographs of each sponsored person.



Payment Method:


  • Debit card

  • Postal Order Payable to “ Bangladesh Assistant High Commission, Birmingham” or via telephone by debit card to receive services by post.  

  • Application Fees (Non-Refundable): £5.00/- per person.

*Additional documents may be required. Mission reserves the right to seek supplements as and when required.


*Both original and one copy of the application along with all supporting documents are to be submitted. After verification, originals will be returned and copies shall be kept in the mission for future record.

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