Due to the evolving COVID-19 outbreak in the UK and specially in the West Midlands area, the Bangladesh Assistant High Commission Birmingham has decided to take precautionary measurement for the safety of our officials as well as for the members of the public.  The following change in our services are due to take effect form 28 June 2021 Monday.


  • Visa applications: Postal service only.


  • NVR applications: Postal service only.


  • Passport re-issue applications: Recommended by post if photo change is not required. To change photo appointment required.


  • New Passport applications: Strictly appointment only.


  • Power of attorney: Strictly appointment only.


  • Travel Permit: Strictly appointment only.


  • Other services: Please call 0121 6223650 for advise.

Incomplete Application could delay the processing time. Please submit the complete application.


Requirements for the submission of Sponsorship Application:


The applicant's presence is necessary.


I.   Document(s):

  1. A complete filled application form. Click here for the form.

  2. Valid Bangladeshi Passport of the sponsor with Passport Photocopy ( all of the information pages) or Valid UK Passport with No-Visa Sticker/Stamp along with a photocopy. The validity of UK passport has to be a minimum of six months.

  3. 2 (two) recent Passport size photograph of each sponsored person.



Payment Method:


  • Debit card

  • Postal Order Payable to “ Bangladesh Assistant High Commission, Birmingham” or via telephone by debit card to reveive services by post.  

  • Application Fees (Non Refundable): £5.00/- per person.


The authority reserves the right to reject any application or document at any time without ascertaining any reason.