Passport (MRP) Re-issue and Data Correction

Due to the recent outbreak of the Corona Virus, Bangladesh Assistant High Commission, Birmingham UK is offering strict appointment-based service and postal service with effect from 5 January 2022. Appointment can be booked only for very urgent and compelling reasons following the link:

Persons with prior appointments should be minimum double vaccinated (if not otherwise exempted) and should have negative Lateral Flow Test results uploaded in the NHS website within 24 hours of the appointment. Masks are mandatory for all to receive any service from the Assistant High Commission

While we know this is disappointing, we hope you can understand the steps we are taking to help keep our service seekers and staff safe.

General Guidelines-

  • Please bring the appointment confirmation (Digital/ Print out)

  • Applicants who arrive too early for their appointment will have to wait outside until their appointment time. Applicants who arrive past the hour of their appointment will need to get a new appointment through the online appointment system;

  • Body temperature should not be higher than 37.5°C;


In order to maintain safety and social distancing, only one (1) applicant with an appointment at a time will be allowed inside the premise except specially capable and accompanying minors.


Bangladeshi Citizens living in the MIDLANDS & SOUTH WALES can apply for passport reissue to the Assistant High Commission for the People's Republic of Bangladesh, Birmingham. 

Applicants from other areas are requested to apply in their closest High Commissoin (ie. LONDON & MANCHESTER).




  • Duly filled in re-issue form.

  • A recent passport-size photograph.

  • Current MRP and photocopy of information pages (if current MRP is lost/damaged, please talk to a Mission official).

  • Proof of address in the UK ( parent’s proof of address for applicants below 18 years old).

  • UK or Bangladesh government registered marriage certificate/divorce certificate (to include/ remove/ change spouse’s name; applicable for married or divorced applicants ).

  • Proof of Profession.

  • Original along with a copy of foreign passport (if applicable).


  • Fee: £92.00  Debit Card or Postal Order payable to Bangladesh High Commission, Birmingham or via telephone by debit card to receive services by post

  • Prepaid special delivery envelope to return documents by post.

  • Postal Addrss: 

Bangladesh Assistant High Commission

The Southside Building

31 Hurst Street


B5 4BD

      * Please note: Authority may ask for further documents if necessary.


  1. Data Correction is required when an MRP has been inadvertently printed with wrong data. Mention able, data correction should not be mingled with changing of information which requires a proper document to do so.

  2. Requirements for data Correction In MRP.

  • Duly filled in Application Form.

  • A recent passport-size photograph.

  • Original MRP along with a photocopy.

  • Proof of Address in the UK.

  • Proof of Profession.

  • Fee : £92.00 (Debit/Credit Card, Postal Order payable to Bangladesh High Commission, Birmingham):

    Prepaid special delivery envelope to return documents. 

      * Please note: Authority may ask for further documents if necessary.

Amendment/s to Bangladeshi Passport:
Applicants are requested to make the amendment if needed prior to doing MRP (Machine Readable Passport):
**Due to some personal circumstances an applicant may like to change some of the information in the MRP. But it is not possible to change such information manually in MRP rather a new MRP will be required. To change information like changing of names, permanent address, profession, age, marital status, the following supporting documents must be provided:
** All of the required document/s must be attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before submission to the Assistant High Commission. 


Required documents for Change of Information in MRP:

  • Change of permanent address: 

      Police verification certificate from Bangladesh.

  • Change of marital status:

      Registered Marriage/Divorce Certificate (as appropriate).

  • Change of profession:

      1) For technical personnel like Doctor, Engineer, etc: education/ professional certificate.

      2) For other professions:  appropriate letter from the competent authority.